About Us

ReFashioned Planet
A Sustainability Story


There they were, Shelley and Sean Cheatham, just an Average Joe couple from St. Louis, MO meandering down the streets in Austin, TX.  



It was the 2017 South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) and Shelley heard from the experts to keep a sharp lookout for movie stars as they walk around on their off time at the festival. As she chatted with Sean, Shelley sees a man with a familiar face and those movie star good looks walking directly toward them.  “Wait! Who IS that?!”, Shelley whispers to Sean while not so inconspicuously hitting his arm. “It’s…it’s…’Devil Wear’s Prada’ boyfriend guy…YOU know…’Entourage’ guy…THAT GUY!!”  As he passed, he gave a friendly nod and smile and Shelley got a good look into those eyes.  Adrian Grenier!!  THIS guy…

“Why is Adrian Grenier at SXSW?”, they wondered.  Turns out, he was there promoting his #StopSucking campaign for his Lonely Whale Foundation.  After some quick research, Shelley and Sean learned about the mission of #StrawlessOcean and with one very simple choice, single use plastic straws were a thing of the past for them.  From that very day, Shelley and Sean Cheatham stopped sucking.  Thank you Adrian Grenier.

Shelley and Sean wanted to be an active part of making a difference for our oceans, our planet and future generations so they began exploring means to reduce plastic and wastefulness in general.  That change in thinking became a call to action.  

There’s a multitude of ways to make a difference!  Shelley and Sean have currently focused the majority of their efforts on “refashioning” or giving something a new form.  And in their case, clothing.

That lead to launching ReFashioned Planet, a sustainable clothing brand that blends style and environmental consciousness.  When people proudly wear these garments, it is our hope that others may also be inspired to make small changes that add up to a big impact for the planet. They especially recognize the importance of today’s youth understanding and joining the effort so it may continue for generations to come. 

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you…
you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.
There is a powerful force unleashed when young people resolve to make a change.”

Dr. Jane Goodall


And that's their story friends! But it is one that will continue for many generations….


Mission Statement:         

Build a community that cares for the planet and makes a difference for generations to come. 


Since the straw was the catalyst for the entire idea, we of course offer reusable straws as well as bags and water bottles made from recycled materials.  ReFashioned Planet wants to build a brand that promotes the individual’s contribution to the planet. Our curated clothing items are sourced from thrift stores which helps the local community, enables us to tap into the abundant supply of quality garments, and diverts these garments from going into landfills.  We then develop clothing lines with positive messages so people can have fun, or we rebrand eco-chic fabulous finds to ensure others know you are making a difference.  We want to provide a fashion choice people will not only enjoy wearing but may also give them the opportunity to ignite discussions and encourage conscious consumerism. 

Our Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG…yup…its a real thing) is to divert 1,000,000 garments from landfills…yes, we are keeping count.  But we want our brand to be more than that. We want to build a community of eco-conscious individuals who take action for a greener future. Through outreach programs and collaborations with like-minded organizations, we strive to create a positive impact on both the fashion industry and the planet.  Did somebody say ice cream?!  You know, like Ben and Jerry’s…check out what they’re doing with their product! When we grow up we want to be just like them.

Please join us in this transformative journey towards a more sustainable world: one garment, one pollinator garden, one eco-friendly choice at a time. Together, we can make a difference and be proud advocates for the planet we call home.

We want you to come away from this feeling hopeful, as we do. If you do just one thing today that one will quickly multiply.

Thanks for checking in, see ya soon!