"Cat Mom" Custom T-Shirt

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Make a Statement and Support the Planet:

By choosing our custom "Cat Mom" t-shirts, you’re doing more than showing love for your cat - you’re also making a positive impact on the environment.  Customize each shirt to your mood.  Are you feeling "Sexy", "Bad Ass", "Fierce" or "Fabulous"?  Show everyone how much you love your feline friend and how much you love the planet.  Each shirt you purchase helps reduce textile waste and promotes sustainable fashion. It’s a win-win for you and the planet!

Order your custom "Cat Mom" t-shirt today and get ready to turn heads with your unique style and love for your feline friend. It’s the perfect gift for the Cat Mom in your life.

How to Order Your Customized "Cat Mom" T-Shirt

1) Upload a picture of your feline friend

2) Choose what kind of Cat Mom you are(Sexy, Bad Ass, Fierce of Fabulous, or just Cat Mom)

3) Choose your "typical" shirt size.  We say "typical" because all brand sizes are not exactly the same.

4) Choose the neck style you prefer.  The two choices are rounded or V neck.  

5) Enter your preferred color (i.e. Blue, Grey, Pink etc.)  Remember we only source thrifted shirts so we'll get as close as we can to your preferred color.  

6) Add to Cart and Checkout.  Be sure to include your contact info.  

7) Once we receive your order, we will email/text images of three shirts with measurements for you to choose from.  

8) Pick the shirt you like the most and we'll create your awesome "Cat Mom" one of a kind custom T-Shirt.  

9) Show all your friends and family how much you love your cat and how much you love the planet!


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